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This is not a game. This is not a demo. Read the text. If you somehow missed that this wasn't a game or a demo and are upset, please request a refund. Either leave a comment, or come talk at me on Discord! Or email us at business@glassbottomgames.com. Thanks!

Please wishlist SkateBIRD on Steam! https://store.steampowered.com/app/971030/

Anywho, this was an alpha playtest for a certain Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/meganfox/878502987?ref=847558&token=42753a1...

... but now the KS is done and the alpha playtest is too. KS doesn't let you edit the page after it ends, and leaving that to point to a broken link seems rude, so this is now the official SkateBIRD dance party room. Birb just gonna listen to their tunes and jam away. You don't gotta dance too, birb's fine just dancin' on their own. Look at birb go!

If you already have the old alpha that used to be here: It's cool, it still works, just please try to avoid streaming it. We're absolutely not gonna come after anyone, that's silly and would not be right. Please just be mindful that as we keep making the game better, if people are watching your stream of the much-older alpha and seeing bugs we fixed ages ago, it gets weird, right? Thanks! Also, don't worry, there will be another streamer beta! It'll be well before launch, and open to Kickstarter backers and YouTubers / streamers. (and yes you can contact us to get on that list, email press@glassbottomgames.com)

tl;dr: It's self-care time for tired birbs after a month of skating w/ friends.

If you want to donate to the game, cool! Any donations from this go straight into the "help us make this game" pot. Even a $1 helps - we're a micro-studio, and we need snacks. Thanks!

Seriously though, this isn't a demo anymore. The zip you get is just some silly bonus stuff. Also you don't gotta pay for it, it's PWYW, you can just click through and get the thingy if you really want it!


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Played this game a while back, and it was very fun!
Reminded me of my old Tony Hawk days but with birds lol.
Also hopefully we see hawk dlc after release xD
Keep up the amazing work!

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Your friend can request a refund and I will happily issue it. And I'll go add some extra bold text at the top and bottom, to try and make it even clearer what this isn't.

But seriously please have your friend contact me or comment on here. Refunds are easy to issue.

Literally, the only reason I haven't already issued a refund is because "you're here on behalf of your friend", so I don't know which charge in my list of recent purchases I should be refunding.

If your friend for some reason can't post on itch, you can also request a refund from me directly in the Discord, here: https://discord.gg/exb87V

Your friend can also email us at business@glassbottomgames.com if that's easier.

(double reply because itch is collapsing the longer reply, and I want to make super sure you see this)

Here is my playthrough https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m99xRj8Z1jk this is a really fun demo and I feel like everyone should play it. Is there a way for people to download the demo?

Nope, sorry! Was only up for the Kickstarter.

wheres the game?

Read the page ;) We took it down after the KS ended.

WTF Happened There AKA SKATEBIRD!!

This is a really fun game, but I think you should add a "fastest-er" graphics option, as my PC won't get more than 16ish FPS.

(Gameplay video down below if you want to see it :D)

I really enjoyed play this game! :D It was fun and adorable to play as this cute bird and just fly through the air! (See what I did there? O-Oh, okay, I'll leave then)

But all joking aside, I really did have fun with this game and can't wait to play the final release!

The issues I had were the gamepad controls, the camera being weird during some moments, as well as feeling as though there was a bit too much motion blur, at least for me anyways.

One suggestion for the final game would be Multiplayer, or like a way for friends to join you so you can Skate with your pals.

Really nicely done game besides the issues I had though. Thank you so much for this wonderful game :D

How do I enable my gamepad? Do I need to rebind the keys?

I read the instructions but I can't pull off anything more than skating around and jumping.

Also, I get told to press the Maximise Window button to do things?

Something that sometimes works is, add the demo to your Steam client and run it via that (so you get the Steam overlay). Some folks have gamepads that are, for whatever reason, not being recognized properly.

Hey thanks, that worked nicely!

(1 edit) (+1)

Remember, WE ARE TAKING THIS DOWN AFTER THE KICKSTARTER, so if you want it, download it. Pretty sure the way itch works, even if you donate toward this, once we take it down, you lose access to the files.

The zip doesn't have any kill code or anything, so all you gotta do is download the zip and keep it around for later if ya wanna play.

Think you wanna try? Get it now!


Rounded-off plank of wood + flappy, feathery creature + gnarly tricks = SkateBIRD!

Honestly, this is one of the most fun little games I've played in a while, and I achieved NOTHING! And I got NOWHERE! And it's only the alpha demo? Oh jeez, I can only imagine the insane hi-jinks I can get up to in the full version of this insanity.

If you like skateboarding games, play SkateBIRD. If you like off-the-wall, crazy games, play SkateBIRD. If you like birds, play SkateBIRD (I mean, liking video games might help too, come to think of it).

I'm so happy the Kickstarter project has hit its target already, but I honestly hope you get so much more funding to make the best, birdiest, badass skating game out there!

Hey everyone, stop reading this nonsense and download the demo now! And back the Kickstarter! And go feed some birds too, because being kind to nature doesn't cost much! Go, go, go!

Oh, and keep up the awesome work GBG! =)


Having some issues (Linux, Ubuntu) where there are loads of random coloured lights flashing violently. It gets worse the lower the quality but it makes it impossible to play. Anybody else had this problem? / know how to fix it? Thanks :)

(1 edit) (+1)

./SkateBIRD.x86_64 -force-glcore42 -force-clamped

This worked for me.


Thank you so much :D

The next superstar of skatebirding

This game is freaking awesoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooome!!

the controls were kinda difficult, and the camera was kinda wonky, but a well made game nonetheles

Tony Hawk puns required.

Really cute and fun game, I'd like if the camera had some freedom, so you can get a better grasp on your surroundings and look around easier.  But I really like the idea, brings me back to the old tony hawk days when I was younger.  The style and music also bring a lot of life into the game, this is really cool, I'd love to see more.

Third game in the video


This is so cool! I love trying to perform tricks as my bird flap its wings and exploring the small skatepark. I had a hard time trying control the camera while I explore the park and I end up being stuck in the ramp, behind the ramp, or flying near the ceiling due to the glitch. I can’t wait to see the final product! 

I really loved the game even if I suck at it lol

Fantastic game! Had a really good time playing it. The camera was a bit wonky and there were some glitches here and there, but I won't hold that against it since it's early on. The core gameplay is solid and if the area is opened up a bit more in the full release along with the controls being a little tighter, I can see this being even more enjoyable. Really good choice to implement the reset on the fly. It worked well (and was hilarious when it didn't). Good luck finishing it up!


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this was fun! i enjoyed the quirkiness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZGvy-SfOfI

(1 edit)

I ended up having to play the game on a computer that wasn't mine because mine is kind of weak, but this demo is pretty good! The game feels floaty whilst also feeling weighty, which I never even knew was possible for a video game, but it makes the game feel good! I like the park's logical layout as well

My only major issue with it so far is the camera. I feel that it's far too sensitive for the adjustments that I was trying to make most of the time. The automatic adjustments it made were also quite disorienting. Along with the rather extreme motion blur, I personally feel that this is an element that would strongly benefit from more configuration options in the future. 

That being said, I enjoyed my time greatly! The game feels good, I love the vibe, the park is laid out well, and the controls feel intuitive. Iron out most of those weird glitches and the camera issues, and you'll have a diamond in a dozen on your hands! 

Also, if you can... please get this on Switch. I want every part of this but my computer cannot run it to save my life. 

I look forward to seeing where this game goes!

P.S. I'm also absolutely loving  the music. "The Heron" is a new favorite of mine in terms of video game music. Nathan Madsen is doing pretty darn good work so far!

Thanks! Glad you dig it! (also check down a bit in these comments and you'll find another reply I did addressing motion blur et al)

You're welcome, and thank you for the response! I'll be sure to look at that reply!

I like it, but the camera moves too quick for me. Also I think there is too much motion blur when moving the camera

I personally agree. Ideally, there'll be options to toggle both in the final product in the options menu, but we'll have to wait and see. 

Disabling motion blur is always a request, so we'll likely need to expose it regardless. It's often a literal accessibility issue wrt. motion sickness. FOV slider is another we'll need to add, and yes, of course there will be sensitivity sliders. Also needs mirroring for both horizontal and vertical axis on the camera.

I believe you may already be able to set sensitivity if you check the debug menu. I can't remember if I exposed it or not, but we do have sensitivity settings (internally) already.

I really enjoyed playing this game!!!

I really want to play the demo but Comodo Antivirus says that SkateBIRD.exe is malware (TrojWare.Win32.Krap.T@101925166), so I can't :(

That would be a false positive. It's a common issue with games - typically we have to submit to a few of them every single time we patch, and only a few of those actually whitelist us. You'll have to make it do an exception for us (and in fact, most other indie games).


The music is our original composition, so yes we own it, but I'm guessing you mean "is it submitted to content ID such that you would have monetization issues for streaming it"? No, we don't submit our music to content ID, you should have no difficulties streaming the game with our music playing. We own it / it's our own composition.


Skating birds is all I need in a game. So here's a literal bird-toy skate video. Oh and I also played the game after that, but I know what you're here for.

That introduction was amazing. 


It really was. It's a genuine work of art.


Thanks! I had a lot of fun making it. 🦜


@Entropy Phi - You're welcome! It paid off!

This game should be well optimized because I play with a mac and with low settings I still feel jerky :/

I love this game....it’s a real shame i suck at skateboarding games 😅 looks great, great concept and super enjoyable....oh and frustrating 😳😂 

My gameplay is below if you wanna check it out? It starts at 9:18 

need it to work for pc as well or at least give a settings option to cahnge it.


I had loads of fun playing this game! That's all I really have to say about it  😂. Good job and keep up the good work!


I am bird hawk, underground bird champion

Let me guess: The bird is sponsored by the skateboard company birdhouse? Jokes aside, fun concept. I liked it.

Fun game! The camera is kind of annoying though... maybe make it farther back, idk

i would give you my money if i had some


Its a fun game, but can you add an options menu and the option to turn off music? The music gets a little annoying.

Channel your inner hawk as you ollie, heelflip and grind your way through a vibrant tabletop landscape with an original track straight out of the 90's lo fi birb scene guiding every sweet trick!

With an incredibly intuitive control scheme and a glut of secrets I am incredibly excited what beautiful exotic bird this fledgling pre-alpha will hatch into <3


LOVE IT! Did a short little edit of some of my best tricks.

This game looks great but what are the system requirements for it?

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