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This is the ALPHA DEMO for SkateBIRD (srsly there will be bugs, but have fun!), which is Kickstarting over here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/meganfox/878502987?ref=847558&token=42753a1...

Also, yes of course you can stream this! You can also post the GIFs it makes (press TAB and then check your Pictures directory, you'll... see what I mean :3). Have fun!

Also, keyboard and mouse users, you gotta read instructions.txt! The on-screen prompts are all assuming an Xbox-style gamepad. Sorry for the confusion!

Please support the official release! Help us make this silly game! But then, try this goofy little slice of what's to come. Grind on bendy straws, kick-flip over staplers, and carve killer lines through cardboard and sticky tape parks!

  • Explore a bird-sized skatepark, with simple controls familiar to any tiny hawk.
  • Find some cool semi-secret skate areas
  • Be a bad bird and escape the park
  • Skate to an original low-fi birb-hop soundtrack

And if you bail, you just get back up - because above all else, skate birbs try their best!

Final game will have a lot more of everything. Go check out the Kickstarter for details about what to expect. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/meganfox/878502987?ref=847558&token=42753a1...

Donations super appreciated too! Those go straight into the "help us make this game" pot too. Even a $1 helps - seriously, we're a micro-studio. Thanks!

Updated 3 days ago
Published 7 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Made withUnity
Tags3D, birds, Relaxing, skateboarding, Skating
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller
LinksKickstarter, Homepage, Twitter


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Kickstarter E3 Demo candidate 4 - PC.zip 148 MB
Kickstarter E3 Demo candidate 4 - Linux.zip 154 MB
Kickstarter E3 Demo candidate 4 - OSX.zip 150 MB


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This game looks great but what are the system requirements for it?

Made a video

To everyone who's awful at it, it's ok! SkateBIRD is a game about trying your best ;)

Had a blast with game, even though I was rubbish at it. But that lead to some hilarious moments including warp speeding away from the skate park! But I love the blatant silliness! 

Fun game and very silly. I recommend using a controller.

Very fun and I am awful at it! :)

Tony Squaks would approve.

Are there audio options? I really want to turn the music off.

how do i get out of the paper screen

i really want this for xbox is there any chance of this happening?

I want it on my Xbox one plz me want game

(1 edit)

where is instructions.txt?

edit: i found it but i had to download the windows zip can u make it so the file is also in mac zip thanks

love the game and idea very funny and cant wait for more to come from it!!

I made a video of your game. I had a lot of fun! Of course I broke the game to score over 3 million points :D I could actually do it all day :D

Could you please add a 32bit build?


I am on an windows computer

Press backspace, but you need to read Instructions.txt to get the key bindings. Those on-screen prompts are assuming you're holding an Xbox gamepad.

How do I get out of that paper screen?

Really nice game and be interested to see how far they go with it. Here is my take on the game, feel free to check it out 

could you make skatebird chrome os compatible?


could you build a 32bit version so that audience with crap computers like me can try it

okay I played this, and I haven't laughed this hard at anything in awhile. the bugs add so much charm to this, lol. I almost don't want you to fix it. 

but I have a suggestion anyways - allow us to control how close or far the camera is from birb- it would make the game a lot better, imo. 

also - SCREM

(4 edits)

Needs D-Pad movement for precise extremes. (And Steam Input support for Steam version.)

(EDIT: Crashes were my computer's fault. It's old and falling apart.)

Can you eat the bugs in the demo?

good pun, quality


I'm in love with this idea, but the demo leaves a lot to be desired. I think most of the issues come down to the ridiculous camera and the somewhat cramped park space. The camera's inability to pass through objects, movement without input and lack of player character trailing are the biggest ones and it leads to a really clunky experience. You've got a solid foundation going, just get that camera patched up and it should feel a lot better!


Just backed you in Kickstarter! Thanks for supporting Linux! Maybe you could add a penguin? 🐧😆


Really fun game had a ton of fun playing it! And to be honest the bugs and glitches in the game made it even funnier XD 

There's ofc some room for improvement, maybe simplifying the controls and perhaps fixed camera which you can zoom out.

Other than that really really fun game, can't wait to see you guys crush the Kickstarter campaign!

is there a way to play without a controller?

Yep there is, if you need the controls they are in the "Instructions.txt" file. Have fun !

what does it mean "mouse 4"?

some more technical ones have buttons on the side and stuff which would be considered 4 but not everyone has one of those

Mouse4 is one of the two side buttons on 5-button mice; its normal function is "Browser Back."

i don't have a mouse 4 button though

Hi, dev here - sorry! we're working on it!

We're gonna bind that button to mouse 3 (your mousewheel click) too. It got moved off there for reasons, but it should work fine there too.

That'll be in the first patch we do, which also includes the Linux/Mac builds. HOPEFULLY in a few hours. Stuff still exploding over here, heh.


Now who doesn't love skateboarding birbs? This was so much fun and very enjoyable and I LOVED the music! You really are working on something great :D

Amazing project!

Ich frage mich ob Frank der Bestrafer das spielen wird :^)

Flying and grinding and pecking straight into our hearts <3 It's a skateboard bird game!!!